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MAU868 is the first neutralizing antibody targeting the BK Virus (BKV). BKV is a polyoma virus that can be reactivated when a patient is immunocompromised, such as in kidney transplant and hematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT) recipients. 

Vera holds an exclusive worldwide license for the development and commercialization of MAU868 in all indications from Pfizer.

BK Virus

BK Virus (BKV) leads to signficant morbidity and mortality in transplant patients.
80-90% of healthy adults have been infected with BKV and the virus remains latent in healthy adults.
BKV can be reactivated when a patient is immunocompromised.
No approved anti-BKV treatments.
BKV impacts immunocompromised populations including kidney transplant patients and hematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT) recipients.

MAU868 Mechanism of Action

Illustration showing nuclear transport, endocytosis, cell lysis & virion release, DNA replication, and several proteins inside a cell

Graft Survival in Kidney Transplant Patients is Worse with BKV Nephropathy


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Poor Transplant Outcomes with BKV Reactivation

  • BKV viremia is associated with reduction in renal function and allograft survival
  • BKV Nephropathy (BKVN) is the leading cause of allograft loss

Current Treatment for BKV in Renal Transplant: Reduce Immunosuppression Measures

  • In response to BKV reactivation, physician will lower immunosuppression, with risk of allograft rejection

Recently Completed Ph2 study to evaluate efficacy and safety of MAU868 in the treatment of BK viremia in kidney transplant recipients